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School Stats

  • 7000+ Students
  • 60+ Athletic Teams
  • 90.7% Graduation Rate
  • B State Grade
  • 1:1 Grades 6 -12
  • 12 Makerspaces

Mission Statement

volleyball team
Fegely Middle School is truly a home away from home for our students, teachers, and staff. As we work to educate, empower and inspire excellence, our administrators and staff ensure that every child receives the education, support, and tools they need to be successful. This mindset supports our mission to educate the whole child. We strive to empower the mind, body, and spirit of our students through a vision of excellence. We call upon the adults in our school community and beyond to model the positive behaviors and habits necessary to maximize every child's potential. Marzano's High-Reliability Schools Framework serves as the cornerstone of our curriculum. In addition to our vision of academic excellence, we strive to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of all students, We do this through intentional SEL programs, clubs, sports, and the embedded critical values needed for a successful life. There is a place for everyone at Fegely Middle School, and we're glad you are a part of our family.
Mrs. Ann Marie Caballero Principal