Office Procedures

Office Procedures
for Visitors, Parents and Students
      1. After 8:15 a.m. visitors requesting entry into the building will need to have a picture I.D. available in case they are not known or easily recognized by office personnel.
      2. There is a button you need to push for entry request to enter the building in the foyer of the main entrance.
      3. Once office personnel have verified your identity you will here a buzz to allow you access into the building.
      4. Everyone must go directly to the office to sign in and fill out an I.D. tag. The tag must be worn while you are in the building. Everyone need to sign out when leaving the building.
      5. If you want to pick up your child prior to the end of school, you must send a note with your child stating the time you expect to them pick up. You must still report to the office. We will then call down your child.